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09 June 2011

Greenfields of Unspoken Truth

Too bad we, as a society, don’t talk more about spirituality. No, not "religion," the simplistic guise some folks put onto how we process the infinite around us – Father God, Mother Nature, the Sun Tower, Mover and Changer, Jesus Christ our Savior, etc.

No matter how we look on spirituality, too often it’s alone. I love Bible studies but they limit one to a focused group discussion that can be fantastic but in the end is limiting. As an aside, I’ve found that the music like that of Yes or Steven Curtis Chapman can open the spirit to new ‘concepts,’ ones that I can’t easily set to words but that resonate with feelings across my little neurons.

I know my friend Joni, Keeper of the Love and Light, has gone further onward on this journey. Call it unorthodox or whatever, but the harsh truth is someday we won’t awaken. What then?! The purpose and truth then will be obvious but it may be too late to do anything about it, according to some religions. More for me to think about, but in a positive way since I’m comfortable in my walk with faith.

I leave you today with a simple thought – “What if? And, what now?”

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