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07 June 2011

“I’m afraid that time has come and gone”

You recognize those words, ones from the movie Day after Tomorrow? It’s a rather bleak ‘between the lines’ nuanced thing, a harmless example of what our imaginations can inject into a sentence.

I find nuances so interesting, be they in words, the aftertaste of a homemade chili or the subtleties of a microbrew. That I could be a man of fewer words, more meaning and less mental wanderings. I’d certainly be more predictable, at least to myself. Wonder if any of you good readers feel predictable – and whether that’s reassuring or even uplifting.

That reminds me of greeting cards – all too predictable. I hear many stories in the cards but all too often they’re of the “Wah, I never call or visit you 364 days a year so this babbly card over-wrought with someone else’s drooling emotions should make you feel better today.” Give me a schnarfy break. We as a society ought to consider ending the pre-printed maudlin tale and write our own lines. It’s about our own situation, feelings and joys/regrets, not Ms. Hallmark’s emotion du jour.

Try what I do ~ go first to the blank card section. I find the best stuff there and usually can think of a sentence or two for the occasion. After seeing that my mother has a couple of the recent ‘blanks’ set up on a dresser, I’m happy with my M.O. Shop away, future word-smiths, and pull out those Pens of Meaning the next chance you get!

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