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03 December 2010

They’ve ripped away my Memories

It was a cloudy day as he looked out the window.

“No, [blink, blink] it’s a sunny day outside my window.”

“He? I? OMG, who am I, where am I and what does my daddy do?!”

I’ve wondered, among the strewn musings in the dead-ends of my mind, about how it would feel to awaken to find you have no past. A classic Hollywood foil for a good reason. Your preconceptions would be altered and no life experiences would help. What would happen on my daily commute? Would I forget it's bad taste to drool while talking?

I’d laugh at the bus stop, watching folks whiz by and thinking how silly that is – duh, I have someone to drive me for free! I’d see billboards advertising things that I bet I’d think are foolish … and laugh. I wouldn’t know about the bus’ social conventions that promote silence and darkness in the AM; instead, I’d get bored and loudly break out into song, “54 geeky people on the bus, 54 wonky people. Lay one off, reorganize another away, 52 silly people on the bus…

The unflattering downside would be that I’d be even less likely to care about haircuts (yeah, Corinna, roll ur eyes at that sight!) and I’d see no problem with bringing my McHighCaloric breakfast meal onto the bus. I mean, isn’t this all about me? I have no memory of past events, faux pas nor strictures on my behavior, so wouldn't the universe be revolving around just me?!

Bottom line is that I’d laugh a whole lot as the vagaries of daily life try to overwhelm me. OK, I’m now going to pretend I have no memories and act like Chris Elliott in Cabin Boy, thinking the world is mine. Welcome to my wacky ride!

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