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10 December 2010

A Casualious Pigtails kind of Day

Bring me Fridays full of casual wear and cheer,

Cafeterias with free beer!

Banish the ties, makeup and perfumes,

Leaving us honest strangers in the Power Town.

Sharing deadlines, gripes and budget season stories

While frittering away the sunshine.

Bring us another OMB document,

Letting us dance the Budget Fantastic into the night.

Fridays are for casual clothes and lunches out,

Unshaven, unkempt and uncaring.

Squidgy around the edges are we wonky peoples,

So shred the boredom and smile your way

Into a weekend of whatever makes you tick.

Man, that was weird and pretty lame. How do folks write poetry? Probably off-the-cuff since, for me, thinking about it always messes me up as you can see. Can you do better ? The gauntlet has be laid and challenge issued…

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