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17 December 2010

On a Grey Horizon

He suddenly awoke, aware of a raw silence he never had known. Spinning around, he saw the sleeping sack was empty, bereft of strength, love and life. She was gone, passing in the night into a place where he wasn’t ready to go. The bitter cold journey and its impossible struggles across the gauntlet of the mountains had proved too much for her, powerful though as her spirit was.

“And is,” he thought, as he lay beside her in a long last embrace. She’d still be at his shoulder, though, and he slid into a dreamless darkness knowing the dawn would appear too soon. What would be on the horizon when he awoke alone? And why press on – and to where?

Those are my thoughts after watching the sad beginning to the TV movie The Road. To love, to share, to swim those turbulent water s of life and then to have one partner make an almost noble choice to walk alone for the greater good of the young son. Rare to have a TV movie make an impact on me. Though the movie 2012’s mammoth destruction of the world was a whole lotta fun in a warped kind of way …

I also am reading a remarkable book, written by a biologist, about creation versus evolution. Fascinating that evolution, in its raw form, can lead one to argue that morality has no basis in nature; that idea’s potentially disastrous effect on human society and its negation of morality is obvious. Not something I can blog about since topics like intelligent design, creationism and punctuated equilibrium are stuff others are much more qualified than me to inquire into. Let me know if this is up your alley and I’ll send you the Amazon.com link to that book.

So, folks, our thought for the day might be one of love. What a corny short word for the cornerstone of our existence. Just four letters and yet universes of possibilities…

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