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18 January 2015

We got our Street Cred

So how do we get those street cred’s?  Well, you decide to not scrimp when it’s time to buy a fridge.  Our fridge was acting flaky again after last year’s repair, so we decided to replace it with something fun, knowing it’s a 10-year decision.  We succeeded, with a kinda fancy model from LG, a Hollywood fridge with LED lighting and fancy doors.  Toss into the truck’s bed a nice Rheem water heater with 12-year warranty, and it was a good day.

  • The Guy’s Angle:  You get that cred by slowly tooling your bright red pick-up truck through town so everyone can see your nice new purchases, with a couple extra purchases just 'cause so.  I think that’s like the John Wayne movie, The Quiet Man, where Maureen O’Hara becomes a kind of trophy wife at the end.  Picture John’s buggy full of her dowry as they tool toward the Irish cottage after he “won her” while fighting her brother for her honor.  Everyone cheers and says, “Wow, what a man, what a corker!”

OK, OK, I didn't do anything nearly as dashing or manly as that.  But I’ll admit it was a good feeling to take the country route home, 45 mph max, and watch the scenery while knowing we’ve replaced two of the five main home appliances.  Gotta love those extended warranties too.

  • A Woman’s Angle (maybe):  My pot-bellied slacker of a deadbeat husband finally turned off his British Premier League Soccer (yes, “God Save the Queen and the Arsenal Gunners”) and stopped talking about the NFL playoffs enough to jump onto a once-a-year financing deal.  And here I thought his occasionally making the bed was good enough.  Yeah, I’ll humor him but, gosh, he sucks – the sheets cry.  Now, "Hah!"  My friends can come over and sigh as my fridge almost serves me breakfast in bed, it’s so awesome! 

Well readers, we have a blog post about appliances and showing off.  Woo-hoo, I opened an email for ... this?  Is this really what country life is about?  

I'll say this:   there's one work-from-home cowboy who says, “Oh, heck yeah!” 

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