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08 January 2015

We bring our own Truth to the Table

First, the tougher-to-find truth.  The other day, my fortune cookie said, “Attitude is more important than facts.”  Now isn’t that a heckuva affirmation, one which echoes my own mantra and reflects the odd facets of my own career.  I know I can be overwhelmed, mystified and sometimes electrified, but it’s all about the attitude, baby!  Before I get too wrapped up in my own mumbo jumbo, let’s throw a shout-out to bro Donald, the SnookMachine.  He’s all about attitude in sports, in self-challenges and in life.  So, maybe it’s about one’s attitude, one’s own Charge of the Light Brigade into the face of the unknown. That’s hard to find in the daily grind, but the cookie reminded me to keep on digging.

A simpler truth is one from my Marine friend who vouched for me with the investigator for my security clearance upgrade.  He said, “I’d go into combat with Jose.”  That’s a powerful reminder of a profoundly disturbing movie, We once were Soldiers.  My friend’s simple comment moved me beyond words.  Hmm, maybe this too is a ‘truth,' though a tougher one to live up to since it's so easy to be judgmental.

I woke up early today and haven’t a clue if my attitude meter will peg at 10, so I’ll just dive into work and keep it simple.  And I'll try not to be that commuter who's sure everyone else on the road is an idiot, because I'm the only one who knows what I'm doing!

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