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29 January 2015

My Sports Fan Tribulations

Arsenal:  this British Premier League soccer club is famous in the UK, which is why I heard about them.  I like their moxie and the coach, so why is it they razzle and dazzle yet recently only flirt in the top 4?  I guess this is what life in the UK is like, watching your club year in-and-out, sometimes rising up and sometimes falling flat in the various tournaments they participate in?  However, an ebb and flow much easier to take since you root for a team, a tradition (though no one in ID seems to recognize my Arsenal scarf!)

Peyton Manning:  then there’s Peyton, whom we’ve rooted for since his Indy days.  But what up?  We endlessly cheer for him, though I don’t know that I care much about the Broncos outside of Peyton.  So, it almost hurts to see this neat guy struggle in the playoffs, no thanks to the media who seem to expect so much of one person.  It’s clear to me that the NFL is a hero sport, not so much focused on a team, except for some clubs like the …

Buffalo Bills:  where to start?  The Golden Years.  Roaring through four years of playoffs and AFC championships, just to lose in the Big One.  Sad at the time but I’m so proud to wear the colors of a team that flattened half the NFL year after year.  And now Jim Kelly, just clear of his battle with bone cancer, what a man.  New owners, a new coaching staff, no designated starting QB, but so what – this is an underdog team worth suiting up for!

Lacrosse season out west:  I loved watching, and attending, lacrosse matches back east.  Towson, Georgetown, U of Maryland – those were exciting places to catch a match.  Uplifting, simple, powerful and fairly civilized.  The only school out west that hits the national stage is Denver, too far away for a road trip.  The season starts soon, so consider picking up a new interest!

Big Ten Wrestling:  Now this an awesome freebie on my Direct TV.  My channel 610  boasts some studly tournaments with guys from the likes of Nebraska, Northwestern, Iowa and Penn State.  Even some smaller colleges can kick butt.  I miss this sport, esp. out here, so catching it on TV is fantastic.

So many sports, so many hours and so many championships to dream of.  You know where to find me (glued to the tube at home)!

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