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04 February 2014

In-between (and including) Love and Happiness

Do you ever get busy and not feel in the mood to do things you even enjoy?  Well, as long as it’s not personal hygiene, take a break!  I did but I think time's up.

Back to today’s blog:  after my absence, here’s what got me fired up:

85 richest people own 46% of world's wealth.  Conducted by Oxfam, one sentence screamed at me, “The top 1% have 65 times the total wealth of the bottom half of the world's population.”  

Read that twice and maybe you'll derail like I did.  Even given the inherent error rates and judgment bias in most statistical sampling, this still is shocking.  I mean, how many millions of us are locked into those social ladders and angst I first learned in reading Jane Austen novels, and later in John Mellencamp’s caustic anti-war song, Love and Happiness?

Let’s flip that coin and be positive in a realistic kind of way.  Folks like you and I don’t have much in comparison of cash and ‘virtual wealth.’  But excluding those 1% from the pool might enable us to turn our thoughts to non-monetary fulfillment.  It’s clear they've schnarfed most of the wealth, and will continue to do so, with the result maybe being for us to stop chasing the money.  Yes, Mom, you’re right and it’s about being happy and not rich.  You just didn't know the being 46% right was so monumental!

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