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17 February 2014

Word Match: Stents, Naked and Cold

(I challenge you to find the common thread I found among those items!)

A balmy G'd Day to you from sunny and clear western Idaho, where temperatures dropped only into the mid-30's.  Darn.  I've been bulking my pect's loading the pellet stove this winter, so there goes my exercise routine.

You can look at illness and hospitalization from so many angles, but color me amazed when my dad calls to say the stents insertion went very well and he's feeling 100% better.  Stents?  Ahhh, those things inserted into clogged arteries.  Or, as our pre-Med son says, open-heart surgery.  Umm, Jose says when I realized I hadn't a clue he even was a surgical candidate.  That's a man for you, not telling anyone about the problem until after the successful surgery!  I'm just a branch off that tough ol' tree but don't know that I pull the whole thing off as silently as he did ...

Did you know dreams about being naked in public actually can be positive and reinforce one's self-confidence?  Thank goodness; if one can believe websites, I apparently fit into that category of being self-aware and confident meeting life's challenges.  But, man, I just don't want another one of those silly dreams.  Can't I be catching endless fish in a tropical paradise while sipping coconut milk?

Lastly on President's Day, I applaud my fav prez:  Jimmy Carter.  He led us down a painful road toward the metric system and into greater energy conservation.  Which brings me to climate change.  What a fascinating multi-hued topic, where colder weather for us can scientifically be directly linked to warmer Arctic weather.  Whether you're a believer or nay-sayer, check out this tornado of meteorological reasoning:

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