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23 December 2013

HADS: About the Humans Against Dragon Stereotypes

Harken to the simple truths of life, ye mere mortals!  Important words from my dear friend, The Arkansawyer, now follow:

“Things I've found without really looking.  Trying to get to hasd.us (Halifax Area School District) and instead dyslexically typing hads.us (the contents then now displaced by a u ad), which brings us to:

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine (at Archive.org), where if you type the hads.us URL, you can find a cached version of the page:

Knowledge at its finest but now covered over.  Thanks goodness for the archives.”

Smithsonian Article du Jour: 

For when you think your Life is oh so very tough … First World Problems (quick meme): 

“I got hired – so now I’ll have to start waking up early again”

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