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19 January 2013

Taking in 'Life in the Making'

Gentle Reader,
I thanked you just last week for staying tuned to my Two Medicine Man blog.  While I meant it, I often find other blogs in the Blogosphere to be amazing for any number of the creative, graphical and touching ways they pique our interest and delve into our shared humanity.
Today, let's celebrate one of those blogs.  It's entitled 'Life in the Making' and I found it downright zap-insightful and Joni-approved charming.  It brings me into author Anne's seaside world of wonders and beautiful photos.  

I encourage you to check it out at:  
From the land of never-melting snow and 12-degree high temp's (but no complaints)
     ~ Jose

1 comment:

Anne said...

I am so honored :) when I read your post to my recent entry, I was sick with fever and sore throat, when I was supposed to be having my Christmas Vacation :)

Thank you very much for this wonderful privilege of being featured in your site. For plenty of reasons, I haven't been posting regularly as before. But going through your site now makes me want to pick up my pen once again and start writing :)