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09 January 2013

Slingshots of Random Wonderings

On the topic of my walk-abouts… while I stroll along the canal, I wonder why we all wonder, and what we wonder about wondering.  Maybe that’s about as clear as wondering about why cats do what they do — HAH, you let me know how that goes!
By the way, I took advantage of my holiday time off to listen to my new Aerosmith CD.  Loudly as befits the music.  And I highly recommend it, Music from a New Dimension, as they’ve long ago left the booze and drugs behind and now deliver some powerful chords and an interesting vibe that makes sense to me.  Helps set a lively mood and energy level too.
So I wonder about why I didn’t disturb Mr Bunny Wabbit as our dog and I walked by?  He looked just like a chocolate Easter bunny silhouetted against the snowy hillside.  We slowed down so I could check him out and since the dog didn’t see him, we left him alone.  Neat.  Guess I didn’t want to wreck the silent ambience?
I wonder about animal tracks, or the lack thereof.  Have they vacated the neighborhood or gone underground?  I wonder about irrigation canals; since they’re dry in the winter, why don’t more animals slink along them?  I wonder about the weather inversions we’ve constantly gotten since winter began — why here more than any other northern tier state we’ve lived in?  I wonder about people who don’t slow down despite bad weather, and whether they’re closet self-destructive.  I wonder what makes us tick and why (some of us) find solace and inspiration from walking outside in mid-20’s when the house was perfectly toasty and full of fun family members.
You know what I don’t wonder?  I do not wonder why I’m wondering about these trivial things since I’m truly glad I have the head-space to even ponder them.  Life is not perfect but being at home with my family those two weeks has shown me it’s not perfect, but a pretty darned good life…
Today’s Compassionate Moment:  “When your science teacher smashed a frozen rose with a hammer, did you warm the petals to bring them back to life?”

1 comment:

Anne said...

i wonder about what my high school classmate felt when i threw the roses he gave me on the floor and smashed it with my foot.

i wonder about the kids living in the streets and what they wonder about.

i wonder about my own son and why does he wonder a lot about night creatures and galaxies.

i wonder what makes presidents and senators cry in their pillows at night...