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01 January 2013

Observations from the Trails of Rural Life

(This post was written the other day and, sad to say, I avoided going online so it never got sent!  Happiest of New Years to your families and you - I know we ourselves are looking forward to an interesting, or least odd, year ahead).
Anyway, back to the blog post ... It’s so easy to read into so much.  Listening to the wind, kissing the sun, and having the scents and smells of the area permeate into my psyche mean, well, lots of deep thoughts.  Or just weird wanderings of the mind.  You decide.
·         Being higher up, 2300 ft. elevation, really does mean the moon looks closer.  So weird but so true.
·         When having plain ugly dirt for the four-acre backyard is today’s reality, it’s an exciting thing when you flip it on its head, knowing that instead it’s a blank tableau awaiting us to finish our first County Extension two classes: Living for the Land, and Victory Garden
·         This is the first place ever that I find holes in the ground to be fascinating – moles, foxes, whistle pigs or badgers?  And why so interesting – is that saying my walks are getting too boring?
·         Coyote howls are fascinating when they triangulate around you and you’re (reasonably) sure they won’t have you on the menu.  Especially when they’re the same size as your bad-attitude 60-lb dog.  Bring it on — I could use a pelt!
·         Christmas cookies are the perfect entendre to meeting neighbors, who in this spread-out area sometimes haven’t met one another in several years … we have become ambassadors.

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