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31 October 2012

A Summer Afternoon in the Country

You know, living in Idaho isn’t much more unusual than suburban St Pete, FL, or exurban southern MD.  You hang out with a garrulous neighbor, have something supposedly important to do, and the next thing you know over an hour has passed doing ...  almost nothing.
Along the way, you make observations.  Here are some from the 3 weeks we spent in a rental house in Meridian, a town next to Boise:
·         Getting an old unused mower to work probably is NOT the best course of action when you can get a commercial crew to drop by, mow and cut, and leave promptly after spending only $20.  Talk about a comedy of futility just to get the small parcel in front of the rental house mowed!
·         The local ice cream truck is a Ford Econoline van, probably with FWD (four wheel-drive to you city folk) for those icy days.  And it keeps making its rounds with the d***’ed soundtrack going over and over and over.
·         Dropping into the house for just a few minutes can be the icing on an autumn cake.  I come inside to solicit Michele’s wisdom and advice (2 hubbie bonus points here), and the Cowboys~Ravens are at 6 seconds to go.  Cowpunks line up for a long 51-yard field goal, kick is away, and Cowpokes miss it.  Darn.  Have been unhappy with that Cowpatty franchise since the Super Bowl years, so please pardon the Snoopy Dance at their continued futility.  And, what’s not to love about Joe Flacco, from Audobon NJ and a star QB for the Fightin' Blue Hens at Univ. of Delaware? 
·         Bumper stickers are funny anywhere in the country.  Humor is in the mind of the beholder, so I won’t give any examples here.  I do appreciate still seeing the UU’s famous COEXIST stickers, too.
·         People here sometimes wear long-sleeved shirts with shorts.  Yes, but people I mean guys.  I wonder why that looks so wrong to me?  I must have zero fashion sense…

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