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11 October 2012

Things that are sad. Truly sad.

·         Having the supposed standard cable package and NOT having the ability to watch, on even a dull Thursday night, this marquee football matchup:  Wayne State vs. Western Saginaw State.  Seriously, folks.  Forget about Thursday Night NFL football – are you kidding me?!

·         Scouring a furniture store – an Ashley Furniture store, the country’s largest furniture builder – and not taking the time to write down each of the nice leather sets we lounged on … “Ahh, we’ll just look them up online later on.”  HAH!  Go ahead, you think that will work online? 

·         How the Federal government partitions my head.  No, not during duty hours but during non-duty hours.  My person-centric medical care portfolio has gotten so bureaucratically partitioned that my poor partitioned head has spun dervishly into splatter-matter:
o   Medical:  area-based and you can only begin/end the premium payments through your employer’s HR office.  No, you cannot send in a check/online payment even if your account is behind, even if your coverage may be terminated due to HR ineptitude.
o   Dental:  that’s on a website run by government but you can’t figure out who participates, so just ask around
o   Vision:  same website as above but managed by a different set of administrative folks than Dental.  Different policies. 
o   Bottom whiny line:  stop breaking my head into pieces at such a cost each payday.  I can
do it fine my myself for free.

·         Having to race ahead of folks [disclaimer: me, today] just to get one car ahead of folks [disclaimer: a pissed off me, today] while entering an Interstate highway construction zone.  Can you say, “Mooor-on!”  And his Idaho license plate was matched with a window sticker lauding the driver’s adoration for the Boston Red Sox.  No more said.

·         People (like me) who watch shows like Extreme Homes because I’m not gutsy enough to move my family to Peru and enter a seven-year odyssey of building a natural stone house that’s blended in with nature.  That has stone slabs for bedframes.   OK, maybe the sad thing would be to actually think it’s worth doing?  That, my friends, is in the eye of the beholder and is the end of this odd rant against things that seriously, or frivolously, sadden me.  Feel free to toss me a zinger back if I instead should rejoice!

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