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13 October 2012

Things that are glad. Truly glad.

Note:  Duhh … in the last blog, I forgot to first paste in the short section on items truly sad, like hungry children in our own overendowed country, cruelty to animals/pets who love us uncondtionally, ugly babies (I’m kidding, ok?!  ~ just seeing if you’re paying attention) and  urban sprawl that’s begets dull homogeneity and is sucking away our national character.
So, here’s a mixture of Glad items, both real and imagined by moi:
·         My friend Joni, who’s just endured her second nose operation.  No complaints or self-pity, nope, but instead a reply to my recent post that said, “Thank you for LIVING your LIFE!  It's magickal and I'm grateful, you share pieces of it, with me......” 
·         Happy little dogs, like our 3-month-old Daschie-poo/Doodle fella Charlie.  He’ll likely not get bigger than six pounds.  I’m glad he’s healthy, happy and has an active bladder that usually makes it through the night and finds the training paper as well.
·         Those folks who work on the historic train rides, like the Western MD Scenic Railway.  What an amazing gig.
·         Another friend – Ellen.  There isn’t enough of anything in our world that her faith in God and people won’t overcome.  A passionate power of quiet conviction to find the gladness among all the noisy threads tangling up our over-extended lives.
·         Having a VA certificate for house purchase.  No down payment.  We likes that…
·         Beater and Biter.  Those are the my names for our former neighbor’s yappie poodle thingees ; I think they disliked me immensely.  I don’t know why ~ don’t dogs like to celebrate Christmas with their own chocolate Ex Lax bar?  Anyway, THEY surely are glad not to see my face anymore…
·         Football Jose is both glad and bummed.  Glad I’m finally shelving my passion for the Buffalo Bills; I’ll instead glance at that erratic franchise from a cool distance.  But bummed that we won’t have Fox Sports Soccer network, so no direct rooting for the Arsenal Gunners in the English Premier League.  But … NFL Ticket!  Life really is good!
·         Lastly, I am glad.  Seriously.  It has been an amazing summertime of house renovation sweat, mental endurance our last few weeks in MD ,and dogged determination here to find The Right House.  I’m certainly glad to see my family actually prosper with the change of environ and the resulting upbeat moods.  Truly glad.

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