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22 November 2012

Moving into Ludicrous Speed

Happy T-Day to everyone!   And before I go back to my previously-written silly blog post, I send my prayers and strength go out to Terri and her family, who are at a hospice today spending deeply meaningful time with her grandmother.
After watching today's Macy’s parade, I feel thankful for several things.  Or maybe not as thankful but appreciating things in our world?
·         Parades that nicely mix the new and the old so all of us stayed glued to the tube
·         Even the worst NCAA 1-A (larger school) college teams get some primetime though bummer that it’s on a holiday (Idaho vs. New Mex State)
·         Coyotes running across your backyard in mid-afternoon (seriously, it happened to us, so having five acres may have unintended consequences)
·         Conversely, having numerous peregrine falcons and hawks always perched on our roadside fences and power poles – WOW!
·         Having nothing better to do than watching Spaceballs after the parade
·         Paying only $68 for registering our van — and that includes a $10 prepayment for unlimited admission to Idaho’s state parks in 2013
·         Long granite counters that mean ‘spreading out the spread’ is a no-brainer
·         Again having a Siamese Fighting Fish (beta), whom I’ve named Toomtam Jennarong
·         And, just having celebrated w/Michele our 28th ‘legal year,’ time that doesn’t count the 4.5 years of dating and engagement.  Wow, just wow, I am not worthy …
So, there you have it on a mid-40’s sparkly-clear day near the northern Rocky Mountains.  President Skroob, Lord Dark Helmet and all my friends on Planet Druidia send you our best wishes.  Don’t forget to take time to play with your dolls (or watch the Spaceballs movie and figure out what I’m talking about here)!
P.S.   Here’s another movie quote:  “ Push the Self-Destruct Button, but only if you really, really mean it”

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