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21 July 2011

Great Expectations, part 1

We all have them, be they writing a guide at work, lofty goals for our children or the renovation results. Just where do that anticipation for excellence emanate? Within or without?

It’s the perpetual hamster wheel in my life that keeps me keeping on. Sometimes, at least for me, the challenge of a tough project, a whimsical blog post or of an eclectic trip itinerary is in the expectation that it be well-planned AND happen. Yeah, no slacking, unexpected hitch or bad weather allowed.

I’ve seen all good people

Turn their heads each day

Now satisfied, I’m on my way.

Yes, circa 1970

OK, why is TMM quoting the techno-rock wizardry of the band Yes? Ahh, because it’s my keyboard and because I can! No, it actually popped into me noggin because accepted expectations from without mean I in part am pleasing others.

The Without expectations are easier to understand because we all do it, I guess, and not with negative overtones. You surprise the office’s staff call with your wife’s yummy cupcakes. All is good and expectations rise. The work goes well and bosses expect ever more (esp. if you’re rewarded along the way!). You praise your children and they reciprocate with more of that good stuff. We smile and feel good. I’ll mull over the Within ones later on…

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Karen Jarboe said...

I feel expectations are what drive a community of people to work together and succeed. If we didn't hold expectations for others or ourselves, our communities would not succeed in the manner that they do. Of course, some expectations are useless and do not lead to success, but generally speaking, I feel that expectations are what drive us to be the best and to create the best for ourselves and those around us.