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04 March 2011

Jose and his Strange Sensation

Oh, to be a rock band! Being one in my head will have to do for now. You see, I was watching Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation last night and that’s one tight band! When one of the lead guitarists wants a change of pace, he down goes the guitar and back he comes with a bongo drum sorta thing. I can’t wait to replay the DVR recording because it proves Led Zeppelin’s music can be dramatically rearranged with non-Western instrumentation and truly sound livelier than the original scores.

“Purgatory for you, old man. Ye speaketh in vile tongues. Led Zep is da bomb! Off with ye to the Disco Dungeon.”

The 396-character expository exposition above is to underscore why older isn’t always better. Nor is the original. I’m not crazy in my mind, but realistic that the good ol’ times maybe weren’t always golden. For example, watching my son enjoying the eating of Ramen as a food group takes me back -- but he can go there alone, thank you. I learned how to use a cook book and my waistline grows ever sturdier in appreciation.

[His mind goes blank. Soothing visions of porridge, oatmeal and yoghurt touch his brain. To be erased by a sausage McGriddle sandwich that rampages across the breakfast scene, devouring the bland healthy foods in a satisfyingly carnivorous way.]

I may look the same as yesterday but does that mean some strange sensation won’t hit me. I might act differently and put on the Devo Hat of Bureaucracy, sitting there severely with a green accountant’s eyeshade and a punctilious fresh pencil, drafting policies that make the world a better place. I just might go an hour without smiling or laughing, stopping frequently to square-off everything on the desk so it’s just right. Then I’ll attend a meeting and my mind won’t once wander far afield into elvish woods.

With a shudder, that strange sensation passes. I remain Jose and saunter into my future, knowing I’m still me. Older, maybe better/maybe not, but definitely a tighter act. Let’s all get out there today and I’ll see you on the stage!

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