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20 October 2010

Tomorrow's Dream

After yesterday’s bummer blog, you wonder if The Joser is off his meds, his rocker or needs to stick to Carole King. NOT! BTW, her Songs from my Living Room is almost better than Yes’ The Revealing Science of God. Today I awoke to hear REO Speedwagon’s Your Time is Gonna Come. Strangely enough, I was heartened by that event since just how many days can a middle-aged DroidWonk like me pretend I’m into perky music in the AM? People may then surmise that I dabble in the sinister warbling of Frankie Avalon or Dan Fogelberg in the evening. I’ll be glad to say I like those fellas but listening to the wind blow through the trees is far more exhilarating and calming.

Why are cars so boring? Just colors or those silly wrap-around ads. Where’s the spray painting that went on in the mid-20th century? Can’t I affordably paint my car to match the theme of the movie 2012? Or scenes from the astounding Peter Pan? How about a Honda Odyssey tribute to Rivendell in Middle Earth? Or would I owe a princely royalty for even sketching it onto a vehicle?

I now have IE8. Software upgrades are so easy and seeing CMD’s black void is such a distant memory. I get off on typing IPCONFIG; my generation looks at those tones of home and reflects on how far we’ve come since the MS-DOS days. And how we miss the Green-ness of CRT Land. Speaking of which, time to go into my MS Publisher playground – yippee!

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