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27 October 2010

Little Sir John has a long, long Beard

I have this wallpaper that speaks to me. [the background music says, do do doooooooo] No, not like something out of The Shining. It’s more of a feeling, the mysticism invoked when gazing into a sepia tone background at a tree and cemetery. I must be spooked; I’ve made three typos already! I hear strains of Blind Melon and Traffic as the tree sits there and tells me its story.

Too bad digital wallpapers normally aren’t animated, since a swaying tree, and an accompanying dirge, would truly set the mood on this most rainy commuter morn. Is this what the monsoons of India feel like? I can say that western MD in the autumn will make you wonder why we’re not more closely aligned to our oily beaver brethren. Just a few strands of DNA separate me from amphibian life or being basically waterproof. Good thing I believe in evolution; my descendants may prosper on some watery planet someday, one like Dune’s Calisto, if I just think my DNA stuff into morphing that way. DNA Determinism…coined here, folks.

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Arkansawyer said...

Ahoy, Matey! Nice topic - maybe we should revisit our Western Maryland trips and find a photo or ten to rotate through your stock of desktop backgrounds!

I approve of the email notifications! (You may also set up something like I have on Facebook that automatically posts your blogs on facebook also - and yes, it works with blogspot!