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19 October 2010

On a Better Day

Not an apt title since most days nowadays are good days. When you leave an employer of chaos (hear the tones of Black Sabbath?), the antithesis of choice, you then start waking up feeling good about life and this little country we grub around in. And you meet the Good People that make this grubstake worthwhile.

Decided I’m getting older. Happily! Grey hair I can handle, as long I don’t have to cut it often. Can do a 12-minute mile without killing myself, though I’d like to do a couple in a row without panting too much! Just realized that I’ve stopped looking at gas prices. I’ve know awhile that even a 30-cent swing is meaningless in my bus-fed lifestyle. Kinda nice, this revelation that frees my budget to wander in dreamy mountain pastures of autumnal savings. [gag-too lazy tho erase that drivel]

Time to eat oatmeal and chug coffee. We older people, we likes that...

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