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16 December 2013

Things you might Find when you’re not actually Searching

Mizz K yesterday reminded me that I can’t find some things:
  • Snow dense enough to pack into snowballs. 
  • New flavor types.  Did you know humans can taste only four flavors – sweet, salt, bitter and sour?  I’ve been robbed.  “Scotty, beam me up and take me away!”
  • Moisture.  Our vinyl window clings just won’t…
  • The character map feature in MS Word that I so used to love when typing things in foreign languages.
  • Anything resembling the poignant power of Stephen’s Stills’ demo tapes of the late ‘60s, he being one of Texas’ finest songsmiths.
  • Hustle-and-bustle.  The surprise is many of you would wig-out at the silence of the prairie lambs.
  • Stress that I don’t bring to myself.  You know me, Mr. Drama Magnet when I was younger.  I’m recovered, so bring on those millions of dollars of challenge -- “I spit on you!” (movie quote)

But what have I found?
  • Prairie dogs.  Did you know they’re my friend Lee’s muse, his inspiration, and their existence is his raison d’etre?  Editor’s Disclaimer:  Just because his inspiration is to grab his 30.06 rifle with ballistic calibration scope and market his prairie dog fur caps, isn’t the point here…
  • Unsought beauty in startling stark tableaus, like a cactus flower in the desert.
  • Roaring Spring.  Pioneer-fever Summer.  Blustery Autumn.  Soul-wrapping Winter.
  • Wineries.  Ste. Chappelle is the foremost of Idaho’s post-Prohibition wineries, a tradition revived from scratch after families like the Rothschilds abandoned the Lewistown, Idaho area vineyards.  We now have 20 wineries.  No, I’m not a winey and we’ve really done but one decent day’s tour, but so much to look forward to!

Smithsonian Article du Jour: 

For when you think your Life is oh so very tough … First World Problems (quick meme): 
I hate my government but I live too comfortably to get motivated enough to do anything about it.

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