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29 September 2009

J'ai été aveuglé par la réverbération du monde

"I was momentarily blinded by the reflection of the moon." Did I hosebag this one, Heather? Man, my French schooling is much too far in the past...

Walking into DC this morning -- really, not so different than the fabled Walking to Clarksburg -- and the brilliant backdrop of DC juxtaposed itself to the the clear and cloudless early dawn. Startling. I stopped dead in my tracks and contemplated this for a moment. You forget about air quality indicies, light pollution and marvel at how clear things are, even for just that moment of the morning.

Throw in some Yes, The Ladder album from a few years back, and I got a full A/V image that won't soon vanish. Peace, introspection and a hint of possibility. Again, I know why I walk willingly so far to work each morning.

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Anonymous said...

Bien fait, mon ami! Lovely image, too, especially when considered against your February post.