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01 October 2009

A Few Horoscopes & Ask No Quarter

Selected Horoscopes from 'The Onion' that I'd like to share with ya:
- Capricorn: Remember: Sometimes you just have to step back, take a deep breath, give yourself a shake, and blow off the top of your head with your Dad's old shotgun.
- Scorpio is the most generous, magananimous and noble of all Zodiac signs, but that's still no reason for the Board to grant you parole.
- Pisces: Smile! Somebody out there loves you. On second thought... do
n't smile.

Mulling the disaster that was my day yesterday - even being called out as a skipping-out-on-mandatory-online-training dirtbag - I called my friend Kim and realized it does all blow by and sometimes the real pains-in-the-arse can be coopted by your charity, virture or just seeing the writing on the wall. Kim L-R: now she's a whole blog posting all by herself!

The discouragement was deep, unassauged even by Monty Python, Molson's Ice (just two, OK?) and my deep thinking about why cats are mesmerized by sunbeams. Then I realized I ask no quarter, ever, and that's how it should be. Bring on the happiness, despair, melancholy and those "I wanna tear off his head and, [well, you know]" moments. Beats the alternative, being six feet under or ashes scattered on Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana. Though, I suspect, those ashes would have a helluva nice free view?

1 comment:

Arkansawyer said...

I am PICSES and since it's been so long since you posted this I'll remind you that I am not to smile.

Guess what... I AM smiling! So there. *sticking my tongue out at you*