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18 November 2008

The Plexiglass Toilet

Color me disturbed. That's a color tone unique to white porcelain, namely a new toilet that I saw at a conference center. New. No seat. New. Cannot have a seat because there are no bolt holes in the porcelain and kind of low-to-the-ground, Turkish style. New. No non-desperate person would squat on it. Gave me the hebbies just checking it out. Euwh. Walk on...

Also on the short list of disturbing thoughts:
  • Led Zeppelin on tour without Robert Plant (likely).
  • The conjunction "that" can easily be eliminated even thought it's for necessary info, unlike "which". What makes it so expendable?
  • Chinese food that tastes better the next day. Without MSG. What is growing in my Moo Shu that improves its flavor?
  • Steven Tyler, Aerosmith: does he really shave his legs?
  • Carnies with webbed feet.
  • Women named "Sabrina" whose fashion flair brings to mind "Consuela." Disturbing or not -- you vote.

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