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09 October 2008

Feel Good Music

We all have our fav's. I throw this out for consideration. As I leave commuter bus at 0645 by Navy Memorial, downtown DC, and walk twenty minutes past wizzing traffic, homeless folks and yummy-smelling eats, I proffer these tunes:
  • Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Blinded by the Light - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
  • Crazy Ones - JC Mellencamp, the Man, the Legend
  • Closer to Fine - Indigo Girls


  • Deuces are Wild - Aerosmith
  • Light Up - Styx
  • The Girl I love, she got long black wavy hair - Zepp


  • To the Last Whale - CSN or the Styx Remake
  • Horizon & Silvia - Steve Winwood
  • The Awakening album - Melissa Etheridge (play it all the way thru)
  • [Anything by Blind Melon]

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Arkansawyer said...

Gonna have check these out...