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08 October 2008

Just OK is not OK

A great song, either Soul Asylum or Switchfoot. Yeah, that's a bit of a musical chasm but what can I say - my AM musical tastes are a leap of faith each day that what's on Mr. iPod will fuel my ambition to return to work. Different subject: $2.5B lost in last 15 months in retirement funds. And here I'm frustated not to have mad money. Makes me appreciate the roof over my head and the peace I have at night when sinking into my fav chair. I got so mad at this recession that I upped my 401k by a percent. And reasolved to continue going to Dollar Store 'cause it's so much fun anyway! So there, Mr. Rain on my Parade!

Everyday should be a better day than before. Impossible but worth trying. So, I agree that just OK isn't OK. Onward, onward. Time to slam some Yes, Keys to Ascension, into the speakers and kick it up a notch.

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