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25 April 2008

You ever ask "Why?"

I do. And as I less-than-gracefully age, I feel more curmudgeonly and confused. So, help me out and tell me why:
  • DC Metro station managers are uniformly nasty. Not overtly, but in that subtle and sneering "Are ya stupid or what?!" mode. They must eat the same bad food.
  • DC Metro signs bite. My #2 Gripe: Dear Boss of Metro: If the walls are dingy from age, why would you have the station's name posts be deep brown with white name lettering? Do you want people to get lost? You'd think Metro gets paid by the time you're a guest of the system. Glad the rides and equipment are great, tho, so I keep coming back.
  • Springtime brings out clothing on certain body types that (really, dear) ought to have been left in the closet. All it does for me is to remind me to be humble and not try to dress for public success since I don't carry it that well. I think I'll start carrying a sign that says, simply, "1 - Go Home and Try Again."
  • Men's bathrooms are so dreary. It's not like I want to hang out in them, but come on, throw me a decorating bone. And what's with all those mirrors? Guys usually don't (tho they maybe should) spend time fluffing their hair. I'd rather they put up a scratching post or something... And what's with that scent, Death by Various Floral and Fauna. I could be rich by creating great scents like Beef Jerky, Another Rack of Ribs and Campfire Nights. Heck, THEN we'd hang out!
  • Lastly, why do people look in buidling window reflections at themselves? Sabrina had a point about elevators and I soon noticed (mostly women, but some guys too) people watching themselves walk. Why? Did they forget to check out the accessorizing at home? I will respect etiquette here and not devolve further into my thinking, so let's just leave it at this: if you're gonna watch yourself sashay down Massachusetts Ave., don't stare. Then other folks will stare at you too and you may find it a tad embarassing...

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