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10 April 2008

Tell Me, America!

Why do people push the elevator button at each floor ... while it's still lit. What, we trust technology enough to bet our lives we won't plummet into the building's abyss, but don't think the little white light works right?! And what up backing into parking spots when it takes you three attempts? Are the folks in DC that bad at driving? I reckon "Yes," but maybe I'm missing something here...
Lastly, as I reach out to Arkansawyer, I again feel the truth, the insight, the brotherly love behind the adage, "Old friends are the best friends." Comment number three from him was in April 2006. Two years later, I now see the blogging light and am coming toward it!

1 comment:

Arkansawyer said...

Welcome to blogland... I have dusted my site off, too, as a place to start posting photos again. :) Great minds think alike (or similarly).

If you're interested in tracking visitors I can help you set up a 'statistics counter', too. It's amazing how some of my pages, particularly photos of Knoebel's Grove Amusement Park and my review of the Sony digital camera keep receiving dozens of hits a month even though I've been slacking for awhile.