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16 June 2012

Down in the Honky Tonk

I’ve come to a mini-realization:  designing a Microsoft SharePoint environment is just like herding cats.  Not really talking about work or anyone in particular (superb job, splendiferous co-workers).  No, it’s more about the vagaries involved when you bring folks together for what’s supposed to be the common good. 
It becomes a lesson in human nature.  There’s the Self-Preservation Clan who just can’t stand cleaning out the cupboards.  There’s the Invaders from the Eighth Dimension who want to blast apart the old and start anew.  And in-between we have the Romantics, dreaming of what could be but without the day job to buy you that nice ring.  Lastly, I see the Blue Collar Guys who grab the pickaxe and get to moving files without caring about what the Spiral Architect, the system designer, envisions. 
At home we have cats, we all have some of those same personalities, eh?

And, speaking of my home, here we herd cats.  Kind of hilarious that our tones of home become those of my workplace . 

Cat people rule! 

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