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26 February 2010

Stretching beyond the daily 200 Words

Too many good expressions have left us and been buried in some past story. Spitballing: now there’s one that ought to be used daily. Heck, it neatly describes how I do my job. In one word. I mean, who needs to be competent if luck suffices? Lick and a Promise: a musician’s credo, I think, but a fiery expression that conveys so much with such flair. Cool Beans: Yah, maan, eets like Cool Running. That I could be from Jamaica, maan. Don’t Jonas Me: I get all raz-mah-tazzed when I think of this one. “Don’t hex me” hasn’t the same flair and lacks the subtle undertone of, “I’ll kick your butt if you jinx me” that this (Scottish?) phrase has. There you have it, four phrases to keep you in good stead and ensure that people look at you like a hopeless detour on the evolutionary ladder. Use them proudly…

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