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17 February 2010

Going Commando

Ah-HA! Pull your minds outta the gutter. In my own humble way, I want to make a mark on the world by redefining the term. It will expand to include things like brewing coffee without a filter and driving with your eyes closed half the time. Marks of inordinate bravery. The redefinition also will include my retaking of the men's bathroom, where ... ladies, close the browser now ... I'm tired of listening to guys on the cell phone, or, picture this (or not), reading while at the urinal. I'm sorry but there are some things I just ought not to have to deal with.

"Zulu Seven, Commando Freddie, Zulu Seven, secure the area with all means at your disposal!" "Roger that, sir, swirlies will commence. I say again, swirlies will commence."

Dedicated today to Jim Cramp, who famously said, "Jim Cramp, a.k.a The Wood Czar will be splitting wood no matter what Mother Nature has to say about it." Now THAT'S a Real Commando...

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