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28 August 2008

To Silflay or Not to Silflay

"Mister Pigivg..." If you don't have ANY clue about what I'm talking about, then you've missed out on one of life's finer literaty experience, a check-box to being a full-fledged literati.

I'm just two chapters out from finishing Watership Down and can't believe I made it through the workday without knowing the ending. I think those little blokes will be just fine though the warren is in disrepair at the moment. Never knew cute lil' bunnies could be so ... [you'll see].

Check him out! My son Chris is a sailor man. A manly man. Modern day Popeye, eh? I can't show the serious pix because you would be scared by his military demeanor. We are proud parents and I hope to loudly and proudly support the U.S. Navy!

P.S. - They train in Great Lakes Illinois, so don't worry about them sufferning in southwestern heat or anything like that. Well-fed, well-motivated and pumped to succeed. More to follow on this topic.

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Arkansawyer said...

Awesome!! He looks quite the sailor!