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27 August 2008

Mizz and Ms.

Yes, it's been a long time since I rock and rolled, but summer's end means I bloom after wilting in the heat.

Today's brief missive is on the glaring shortfalls of addressing women as 'Ms.' Laaaa-ame. This sound has no flair, no ring, no glamour, and none of that pizzazz that the 'Ms.' of the world will tell you they have (right, Sabrina, Manya & Heather?). Sounds like some lumber-head bureaucrat needed a new title and came up with one before his coffee break. So, gentlemen, take a break to listen, front-to-back door of Melissa Etheridge's latest album, The Awakening. Doesn't exactly make me want to come over to the female side (I ain't man enuf) but it does leave in me a searing image of what women think and how they might feel going through life. Leave it to Melissa E. to get me thinking about this...

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