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17 July 2008

The -tions

Today let's talk about the -tions that hovered about me this week like evil little fairies with bad intent: abnegation, resolution and absolution. Not particularly uplifting but as I pace myself through life decisions, they keep coming into play. Try making a decision that doesn't involve giving something up, telling yourself that the plum on the horizon is worth it and then seeking some solace or confirmation that it's a good decision - or that you seek forgiveness for eyeing the Road Less Traveled.

Every time I finish a volunteer park ranger stint, park my bike or running shoes or close down a campsite, I breath abnegation. Time to head back to civilization and the work that allows me to draw closer to what intrinsically is right about me and the world as I see it.

My friend Jim knows all about theless-traveled road - I see him at times through the trees when he shares his life stories and photos with me. Better yet, he sometimes treks through those hoary trees of life to meet mundane-old-me and share his inspirational outlook with me. Resolute and Visionary are his middle names.

Let's not forget absolution for personal miscues and decisions that affect others. I hum the Absolution Blues quite often (thanks, Mssr. Jimmy Page) and have an open tab on begging my family and friends for understanding as I dance to a different woodsy tune. But the tune is good, it is uplifting and I can taste the stars of the cold nights that always are autumnal in my mind's eye.

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Arkansawyer said...

I need to re-find the 'road less travelled'.. :) abnegation. I like the word...