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03 July 2008

Deep Creek SP

Did you ever take a trip in your mind that played out the same way in real life? I think I did. Went to Deep Creek State Park in western MD and discovered the joys of camping with electricity. It's underrated, as in WOW! for my son, who can bring along a couple of modern conveniences like a PlayStation, and for me, who brought Mr. Coffee Machine, my best friend. Let's not forget the Nature Conservancy's Cranesville Sub-Arctic Swamp (with plants left over from the Ice Age), Bear Creek and a couple of expansive waterfalls that the local kids loved to splash around in. We were referred to a great Mom-and-Pop restaurant and that capped a fine day.

Try it sometime - within an hour's one-way drive, we kayaked a large lake and then some wetlands, mountain biked between two state parks, hiked to a closed mine, fished (albeit fruitlessly) several times and had some great outdoor cooking (note to self - you rock)!

Ever wonder where best to teach a young man to drive the family wagon? you're right - a state park! 10 mph speed limit, lots of one-way roads, good signage and most folks not in a rush. 3.5 hours of it and I'm thrilled we tooled through and around the place. Try it sometime - I bet a state forest is even better as long as the roads agree with you.

Since you've hung in there, let me throw in some interesting tidbits:
  • Hummingbirds are as attracted to red Coleman battery lanterns as to a feeder
  • Balsamic viniagrette substitutes just fine for cider vinegar in a sloppy joe recipe
  • The Girl Scouts have perfected omelettes in a baggie - prepped at home and schnarfed at the campout ... yum, yum and no clean-up
  • Board games are livelier at a picnic table
  • Jumping fish, for me, mean I'll catch nothing that day
  • Cycle through mud bogs quickly, not slowly, to stay cleaner (if you even care!)
  • Unlimited cell phone time means you can catch up with lots of friends while hanging at the lake's beach
  • Rain is not your enemy unless you aren't prepared - just work around it and it actually improves the trip since you then can't waste time hanging around

Stop dreaming and get out there - the joy in your head really can come to life!

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Arkansawyer said...

Sounds like a great trip!! You'll have to tell me more one of these days!