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23 August 2013

All One, with You and with Me

A long time ago in middle English, the word “alone” was actually two words: all one.  All one within ourselves, complete and whole, not needing anything from anyone for any reason to be OK.  But it also meant something like ‘all one with each other.’  We humans are one, all connected, in a perpetually symbiotic relationship.  I mean, did you see the ultimate compassion shown by that school office worker in Atlanta, talking down the bipolar shooter and saving countless lives far beyond her own?  In the midst of crisis, she knew those kids would sink or swim based just on how well she could relate to a man with an assault rifle right in her face.

So, it’s time we peek underneath the surface of what is going on in our own lives, at work and in our relationships.  You hopefully will see a world unfolding magic, joyful possibilities, and some individual and collective spiritual wellness that awaits all of us.

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