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01 February 2013

There are other People who listen to the Wind

Now, I’m not talented like a classy British fellow below, but always have admired him.  'Steven Demetre Georgiou.'  Did you know this London-raised fellow's father was Greek-Cypriot and his mom was Swedish?  

His way of following the wind is deeper than mine, and oh so much more eloquent.  So I share with you this brief beyond-a-thought, shard-of-a-wisp-of-a-glimpse into a swirling universe:

                I listen to the wind
                To the wind of my soul
                Where I’ll end up, well, I think
                Only God really knows.

                I've sat upon the setting sun
                But never, never, never, never
                I never wanted water once
    No, never, never, never.
                                                … Cat Stevens

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