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23 September 2012

TwoMedicineMan becomes NewPlymouthMan

Several folks have pinged me on our status, so here’s a fairly brief update.  (FYI, New PlymouthMan refers to our new abode in New Plymouth, Idaho)
Rearview Mirror:  we do miss DC in some ways, mostly friends like you who make sense to us!  Folks out here are neat but different; we got invited to a party last night (aren’t I now the Extrovert?!) and had a great time, but we sure had to focus on the conversations, ones very unlike southern MD as they centered on ‘rural’ and hunting topics.  But so cool – and we had a blast.
Briefest of updates:  nothing in life is great forever, but our summertime journey has been remarkably positive, though the wildlands fires around us in central ID, and eastern OR and WA have caused many days of hazy daylight and air quality that’s problematic for those with respiratory conditions, like our daughter.  But that hasn’t kept us away from the nearby dog park and from trips around the area.  We moved Friday into a rental house, our temp digs as we finalize our house deal for closure on Oct. 15.  The rental house is 1,400 sq ft, has a good layout, and is dirt-cheap since we’re ‘house-tending’ a short-sale house.  Sleeping on air mattresses in a house, and eating off card tables, is a simple adventure I recommend for anyone who’s gotten too comfy in their lifestyles…
New home:  it’s got [details sanitized , and has nice and is nice.  HAH – details got sanitized!  Did you really think I would share those details and perhaps jinx us?  Not, Spot.  However, I did create a slideshow I’ll later share with you, but (with my apologies) only after we close!
Work continues manageably apace.  My elevator job description is, “I’m a project manager for computer systems that fight wildlands fires.”  That’s as simple as I can make it.  It’s a heady and humbling experience to work with these folks, some of whom (even IT folks) go out to fires and put their lives at risk.  I’m giving flat-out 100% this interim period to both family and work, and truth-be-told, I’m pumped-up even when I collapse onto the air mattress at night.
So, I’ll stay mostly off the grid until after we close the house.  I then look forward to closing my TwoMedicineMan blog soon and beginning a new one, so will be asking you next month who wants to stay along for the wild ride…
                Take Care ~ Jose
P.S.:  Here’s an extra feature for those of you who hung around this long into the email … My Top X Observations:
·         16 days of no clouds/rain/anything but mid-80’s broke today and I see moisture!  I heard there’s been no measurable precipitation since May (!!), so this is a blessing to the farmers here-about.
·         Young Turks drive the same here as in metro DC, but the rest of humanity mostly sticks EXACTLY to the speed limit.  That takes getting used to, but Jose wants NO tickets!
·         At this point in my culinary lifespan, I’d rather do Stouffers frozen meals than look at another menu
·         “All we want is some peace in this world”  Wise words in today’s background from Steve Winwood’s song.  Reminds me of the National Interagency Fire Center: 5 agencies from USDA and Dept. of Interior and people act like an extended family (mostly a great thing!)

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