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22 February 2012

Florida in all its Flavors

We, the TMM Family, spent over a holiday week in Florida and I just returned from another week there. Yeah, it’s almost all it’s cracked up to be: vast and varied, endless sunshine and salty breezes, with the promise of something fun down every boulevard. The malls fascinate me with their palms that line the parking lanes, and scrub grass somehow befits the terrain and calms the spirit.

It’s also full of unexpected cold mornings, too much traffic at times, and other nit-noidy things I could complain endlessly about. I mean, hey, we lived in St. Pete for two years just before this Maryland gig. Talk is cheap when one endlessly gripes and does nothing about it, so I’ll downplay the downsides of Florida and focus on the good stuff:

· Parents (and my cousin & family) who warmly welcome you into their homes

· Warm breezes that carry your concerns away

· Duct tape emblazoned with the Univ. of Florida Gators logo

· Restaurants everywhere – you’d never need to eat at home, just fatten up out on the town

· BBQ grills everywhere

· Boats in the driveways and other toys, like campers and jet skis, out back

· A more relaxed attitude toward life which doesn’t need watches nor as many deadlines

If you’ve not been there, try Florida on for size. And, so as to not slight the Deep South itself, we’ve also lived in Georgia and Alabama, and they each have their own charms!

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