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21 November 2011


There are so many infrastructural flaws in our world. Forget the thousand dollar toilet story. I’m talking about the more mundane.

Ever push a door and wonder why it’s awkward? I’ll guess it’s a matter of the force applied is mostly lost as you teeter the door at some odd angle left- or right-ward.

Bus stop shelters. I was in one this wet morning and it held six folks. Just six. When it easily could hold 15 if the designers had thought to pull in row rails or something for those folks obsessed with their spot in the line.

Commuter rush hours. Why? It’s in large part due to zoning, co-locating businesses in an area and dwellings elsewhere. Helps the restauranteurs but not us slogging Joes.

No kitchens in many workplaces vex me because we’re pushing folks to wash dishes in a bathroom

{say it with me, folks: “Euuuuw!]

Indirectly, it wastes our time to fetch prepared foods not as healthy nor wholesome as homemade.

Lastly, let’s ponder busses. [“Yes” to the gallery, it’s my BFFtopic] In the well-meaning world of aiding those with disabilities, we don’t have double-decker busses. For the same footprint on the pavement, you’d get over 110 folks on a single conveyance.

Not easy fixes, even if you agree that anything is actually even broken. If I solved one of them, I wouldn’t need to even be on this bus anymore!

Au revoir, mes amies!

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